New Release-Fever Nights by Avis Black


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Now available from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited:  Fever Nights by Avis Black, The Second Volume in the Wound of the Rose Trilogy.

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Seth Keane has made a mistake. He mocks a vampire, and just when he thinks he has managed to evade the monster–he knocks on the door of another. Even Maurice Fitzpons, that master of turning a situation to his own advantage, finds that his lover’s peril is just one crisis too many.

Yet there are horrors worse than death. Insanity can dine on human flesh as hungrily as any vampire.

Fever Nights is the second volume in the Wound of the Rose Trilogy, a gay romance and paranormal adventure series.


A man was bending over a flowerbed. I raised my pistol, but I couldn’t identify the man from this angle. I blinked several times at him through the shimmering of fever.

He straightened and looked at me as if I had said his name aloud. Long grey hair, a tall hat with a wide brim. Jacket off, shirt sleeves rolled up. Next to him was a wheelbarrow filled with clumps of dirt and greenery.

Ravenshaw had been weeding his garden. For a moment, I was too shocked to move at the sight of this monster performing such a mundane chore. “Where’s Maurice?” I shouted.

“Follow the buzzing of the flies,” Ravenshaw replied with cold mockery.

My hand came up like a spring, and I fired straight at his chest. The report nearly deafened me. My second shot struck his head. I could have ripped him apart with my hands for those words.

A spatter of blood flew out of his head and Ravenshaw spun around, landing on his face in the flowerbed.

“So what were you planting?” I yelled. “If it’s roses, I suggest fishmeal and lime.”

–Your flesh will feed my garden after feeding me–

I nearly flew into the air. That had not been a sound to the ears, but a voice sent directly to my mind. What?!

Slowly, Ravenshaw lifted himself into a sitting position. He stood, then turned to face me. I could see the wound right where the bridge of the nose meets the brow, just above the eye socket. The bullet must have passed into his brain. Another messy wound was in his chest. Blood was flowing down his face in a stream, and it covered Ravenshaw’s eyeball. He drew out his handkerchief and daubed at the injury while his other eye gave me a look of glaucous hate. “You can’t kill a vampire with a pistol,” he said evenly. “Your friend discovered that.”

Of Love and Vampires–by Avis Black


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Of Love and Vampires by Avis Black is now available from Amazon and Kindle UnlimitedThis is the first volume in the Wound of the Rose trilogy.

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In Victorian England, two young men cross paths in a public house. Maurice Fitzpons, disgraced army officer and semi-professional rake, is in between careers. Seth Keane is sick of his life as a shoemaker’s apprentice and at war with a malignant stepfather. Both men are on the prowl. A chance meeting becomes a carnal night, and then a love.

But a stealthy horror glides along London’s somber streets, a fiend that wants fresh blood. A single bite can cause an ecstasy so great it will reduce a man’s soul to ashes, yet make him cry for more.

This is a tale of three vampires. One lusts for men. The second desires knowledge. The third demands power–and slaves. Maurice and Seth find themselves targets, and to outwit these monsters, they must learn the shocking and unwholesome lore of the supernatural.


When we woke the next morning, Maurice gazed at my unshaven face and bloodshot eyes and said with a grin, “I’ve never seen anyone appear so debauched before, not even myself in a mirror, and I’m stalwart competition for that award.” He smiled fondly at me.

I became aware of an iron bedstead and stiff horsehair mattress, and of a room decorated with riding gear and hunting rifles, plus a few stray books from Maurice’s college days.

His comment was not the sort I cared to hear in my delicate condition. “I feel like a corpse,” I replied numbly, “if they have headaches.” My stomach was still queasy. The walls were hung with a masculine red tartan, bright and blaring to my tender, blinking eyes.

We crept around each other painfully, our bare feet whispering on the wooden floor, washing our faces and hands in the basin and bumping into each other and groaning. I had to borrow a hairbrush and straight razor from Maurice. While I was shaving, I said, “Do you remember if we had sex last night?”

Maurice was changing his shirt for something less slept-in, and he wrinkled his brow. “With whom?” he asked.

My razor paused against my soapy throat, just under the chin. For an instant, I was tempted to use it for another purpose. “With,” I hesitated, “each other.”

Maurice frowned. “Did I ask you?”

This was awkward. Awkward beyond awkward. He didn’t remember? I was glad I was hungover. It helped dull the emotional blow. “I was under the impression you had. I lost a bet with you at pocket billiards.”

“Oh. I don’t recall that we did anything.” Maurice worked his buttons. “Of course, the only evidence I have is the fact that we woke up with our clothes on.” He came over, and after taking the razor from my hand, he wiped the soap from my face with a rag and regarded me for a moment. “Now I remember. You glided into that room of vultures like a swan. Finish your shave, Mr. Keane.”



Love, Interrupted-New Release by Avis Black


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Love, Interruptedl

Martin Grandjean longs to show his love for Arivan Tremonde, but life for two painters infin de siècle France can be chaotic for artists, and a whimsical fate keeps intervening. Comedy and gay romance.

Love, Interrupted is an alternative universe side-story to the novel Lantern Slides From Old Bohemia, but it is a stand-alone work that can be read without any knowledge of that book.

Available from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

New Release-Lantern Slides from Old Bohemia



Description from the blurb:

Paris, the late 19th-century. Revolutionaries and Monarchists fight in the streets, and the painter Martin Grandjean joins the ranks of those hoping to re-establish the Old Republic. He meets a mysterious young man called Ari and falls in love, only to see Ari taken prisoner. Everyone turns against Grandjean; his friends, his family, and even the government. But Grandjean is determined to find Ari, win his love, and make a life with him.

Available from Barnes and NobleKobo, Smashwords, Itunes, All Romance and Oyster.

Saint Mark the Exorcist–A New Release by Avis Black


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Now available from Amazon & Kindle Unlimited.  Summary:  Mark Horowitz has a problem. Though a promising student of business, he has weak grades in his theology minor, and he needs to wow his professor with a dazzling fieldwork project for his Spiritual Formation class. Either he can do some counseling at a local hospital–or he can perform an exorcism. Naturally, Mark chooses the latter. Comedy and Gay Romance.  Set in the same universe as Love’s Ashes.

His Ex-Boyfriend



Available at Amazon & Kindle UnlimitedHis Ex-Boyfriend by Avis Black.  From the blurb:

Jason North is the lead guitarist for Mullerin, a rock band he’s formed with his old school friends. After years of touring, Mullerin is now semi-successful, and Jason has escaped what he’s always dreaded, being poor, obscure, and alone. He’s done everything he thinks he should, or rather, everything society considers proper for a successful young man. He’s married and settled down. He’s satisfied with his life, or thinks he ought to be.  Then he runs across the dark secret of his past, a secret he thought he had buried two years ago. He encounters his ex—namely, his ex-boyfriend, and his life implodes.

Old desires can never truly be laid to rest.

Set in the same world as Undone by Beauty, Crossing Dreams, and The Wedding Night.

How Julian and Nigel Turned Each Other Gay, (Inadvertently), or So They Both Claim



How Julian and Nigel Turned Each Other Gay, (Inadvertently), or So They Both Claim, by Avis Black is available from Amazon & Kindle Unlimited.

Two boys, lunacy, and gayness. Comic Romance.Excerpt:Julian Morris was not quite happy in his first year at St. Widifroth’s-on-Quinapoxet, the school for the blameworthy rich. He had two obnoxious roommates, whom he had grown somewhat used to; semi-interesting classes, or rather classes he hadn’t yet managed to fall asleep in; and two parents who couldn’t read a school prospectus properly. Why else would they have sent him to St. Widifroth’s? Well, it might have been one D too many on his last report card.“How did you end up here?” he asked one of his obnoxious roommates, Nigel Higginson, in the hangdog manner of one trustee to another.“Spliffs,” Nigel answered from his bed, where he was lounging shirtless.

“Spliff,” corrected the other obnoxious roommate, Finn Andrews. “It was singular, you said. Or could it be splive?”

Nigel squinted at Finn. “Only after I’ve smoked too much.”

“Why were you sent here?” Finn asked Julian.

“Igneous rocks and isosceles triangles. I have trouble with ‘i’ things.”

“Such as ‘information’?” said Nigel with a grin. Finn sniggered. Nigel stood up and plucked a book off a shelf. Uneasily, Julian watched him open it.

“Here’s something that’s about your intellectual level.” With great sarcasm, Nigel read, “Once upon a time there were four little rabbits, and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter.” He looked over the top of his book to gauge the effect.

Julian waited.

“Well?” prompted Nigel.

“It’s some sort of fairy tale, isn’t it?” said Julian.

Finn howled.

“Holy God,” Nigel exclaimed. “How can you not know what story this is?”

“My parents never read me fairy tales when I was younger,” replied Julian, feeling lost.

Finn let out a deep groan. Nigel’s face became one big grimace. Higginson swayed on his feet a moment, like a man hesitating on a diving board, then leapt forwards and downed Julian with a thud. The two boys landed together on Julian’s bed with Nigel on top. Winded, Julian gasped, “What’s this for?”

“So you can see the pictures,” replied Nigel. He propped himself up on his elbows. “’They lived with their Mother in a sand-bank, underneath the root of a very big fir-tree.’”

Julian bore this forced fairy-tailing with patience. He thought the story rather thuggish in its crude Victorian way, exactly the sort of thing a parent would read to toughen up a child for St. Widifroth’s. He did like the pictures, though.

Love’s Ashes–A New Gay Romance Novella by Avis Black


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Dustin Rafferty has a quest. He’s chasing the girl of his dreams. A new friend, Mark Horowitz, decides to help Dustin along by playing matchmaker, but Mark’s tactics yield an unexpected outcome. Dustin begins to develop feelings for another person–someone who isn’t female, and who wasn’t planning on falling in love.

Love's Ashes

Available at Amazon & Kindle Unlimited.

Just Published-Undone by Beauty



Jason North gets an unexpected makeover from his boyfriend, Rafe Leeland. Gay Erotica. Alternative universe side story to the novel, His Ex-Boyfriend.  Undone by Beauty is also set in the same world as Crossing Dreams and The Wedding Night.  Available at Amazon & Kindle Unlimited.


The rumble of a bureau drawer came from the bedroom, and Jason could see Rafe vividly in his mind’s eye. Putting away the wedding clothes, jade cufflinks placed gently in a padded lacquer box, a daylily boutonniere unpinned and set on top of the bureau in a water glass, a red silk tie rehung on the rack in the closet, and the suit sliding off shoulders and hips to be draped carefully on its heavy wooden hangers.

And then–the explosion. Hooking a pair of crumpled jeans out of a corner by a belt-loop, shooting one leg in, then the other, stopping, still unzipped, for an emergency cigarette because smoking was not allowed during the ceremony. Then he would remember his plastered-down hair, and thoroughly ruffle the morning’s wet comb job into a mess while stepping into a pair of ankle boots, and at the last second, he’d stick his arms through a random sleeveless undershirt plucked from a pile of dirty laundry.

The bedroom door swung open. There was nothing special about Rafe’s appearance, as fashion magazines would have it. His black jeans and white undershirt were ordinary, his hair finger-tousled, his cheeks sucking on his cigarette with a junkie’s desperate urgency. Except that he was glamorous, with no effort at all.

Life sucks, thought Jason. Maybe it’s the boots. Hell, I can’t figure out how he does it. Why do some people have glamour and others not? The goddamn public thinks my job is a fashion show with background music. They don’t give a shit about my guitar playing.

One satisfied exhalation later and a narrow-eyed stare at nothing, and Rafe was ten times more glamourous.

Life REALLY sucks, thought Jason. Rafe’s undershirt was too small, as if it belonged to Alexis instead. The taut material outlined every muscle and ridge of bone beneath it.

Undone by Beauty


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