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Crossing Dreams is about Scott, a singer in a rock band.  He has a strange encounter with his idol, Alexis Mellor–or so he thinks. Twisted romance, wild humor, and gay erotica.


Alexis had sat up, eased his shoulders out of his shirt and flung it aside. A toe popped the lone shoe off and socks were flicked into a corner. Then, in one fluid motion, Alexis stood up and eeled out of his trousers.

He didn’t have on any underwear. Alexis was completely naked.

Scott spun away in shock.

“Sorry,” Alexis said. “I can’t stand this heat.”

“That’s okay,” Scott choked. He was facing the dressing table. To his horror, the large mirrors reflected the other singer quite well. He slapped a hand over his eyes.

The slight slither of bare feet over to the futon alerted him. It sounded like Alexis was too tired to take a regular step.

Two fingers spread a millimeter apart. He wasn’t peeking, he was just taking a helpful interest in another person’s welfare. “Alexis, are you all right? Do you still have that fever?” Besides, he already had a boyfriend, namely Ennis Tate, who’d been a prick again and hadn’t called Scott once the whole tour. Ever proper, Scott nipped the window-gap closed once he’d finished the question.