Tangled Trio is an anthology of three gay romance and humor stories, namely the novella Love’s Ashes, and its companion story Saint Mark the Exorcist. Love, Interrupted is an alternative universe side-story to the novel Lantern Slides From Old Bohemia, but it’s a stand-alone work that can be read without any knowledge of that book.  Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Itunes.

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Love’s Ashes:

Dustin Rafferty has a quest. He’s chasing the girl of his dreams. A new friend, Mark Horowitz, decides to help Dustin along by playing matchmaker, but Mark’s tactics yield an unexpected outcome. Dustin begins to develop feelings for another person–someone who isn’t female, and who wasn’t planning on falling in love.

Saint Mark the Exorcist:

Mark Horowitz has a problem. Though a promising student of business, he has weak grades in his theology minor, and he needs to wow his professor with a dazzling fieldwork project for his Spiritual Formation class. Either he can do some counseling at a local hospital–or he can perform an exorcism. Naturally, Mark chooses the latter.

Love, Interrupted:

Martin Grandjean longs to show his love for Arivan Tremonde, but life for two painters in fin de siècle France can be chaotic for artists, and a whimsical fate keeps intervening.